Thursday, June 19, 2008

RCRD LBL Premiers New Takka Takka Track "Silence!"

huge thanks to Faith-Ann Young and the entire RCRD LBL staff!

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: Takka Takka - Silence

Many of you have probably heard down the indie blog chain that Takka Takka is coming out with a new album in July. Considering that Gabe Levine says he was influenced by his mother's becoming a Pamanku, a Balinese holy person amongst other things for the album, you may be curious what it sounds like. (One hint: there is a Balinese Gamelan involved). So here we bring you a special preview.

There's something eerily zen about "Silence." It builds up a platform of snare drum and distorted guitar - over which Levine's vocals flow in a wave-like fashion. "Taker" also has undulating rhythm, accompanied by shimmering instrumentals and a poppier beat progression. Both exude a peacefulness- offering reprieve from a day of cacophony in the city.

Produced by Sean Greenhalgh of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, recorded in Brooklyn, the album features Bryan Devendorf of The National, Lee Sargent of CYHSY, Olga Bell of Bell, and Charles Burst and should be out late July.

SOUNDS LIKE: MEW, The Talking Heads, The National

Exclusive Download: Takka Takka - Silence