Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CMJ Reviews SJ Esau's "Small Vessel!"

huge thanks to Matt Kiser and the entire CMJ staff!

Small Vessel

Sam Wisternoff has a penchant for bizarre, though intriguing, theatrics. Take the first "real" track from this Bristol-based experimental indie popster's sophomore release. "Frustrating" stays true to its namesake as the majority of the song is cleverly comprised of half-second samples of voices all humming different notes that are then sequenced to create the herky-jerky melody. It's interesting to be sure, but coupled with a smattering of blips, bloops and other bomps, the follow-up to 2007's Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse is at times a blistering indie pop gem and others a lilting, slowcore triumph. Wisternoff builds choral moods through the use of disjointed samples and loops, causing a cacophony of noise that morphs and twists around its orchestrated self, resulting in an oddly dance-y collection of twerpy, disembodied and experimental indie-meets-folk rock.

Tracklist For Small Vessel:

01. -
02. Frustrating
03. Small Vessel
04. Bastard Eyes
05. I Threw A Wobbly
06. Under Certain Things
07. Bubblehead
08. -
09. Ruddy Spark
10. The Small Percent
11. Slate
12. Depth Perception Lack
13. Human Annoyed
14. -
15. What Happen?d