Monday, June 16, 2008

Spinner on Torche's "Healer" - I Freakin Love This Song!

huge thanks to Catrinel Bartolomeu and the entire Spinner staff!

IFLTS: 'Healer,' Torche

I like to listen to this song early in the morning when I'm still trying to feel good about moving fast -- it's like mainlining a shot of espresso in to my bloodstream.

the sixth track on Torche's second LP, 'Meandertahal,' captures what Torche does best: it sounds a little like metal, a little like prog, but melodic guitar riffs and vocals keep it catchy. Healer launches at vigorous pace, which it maintains for the entire 2:08. The drum beats are energetic with unexpected thundering accents, but they're easy to bop your head to. The guitar riffs are long, driving and melodic, precise crafted and played, and lead vocalist/guitarist Steve Brooks hits harmonies with his intense baritone. Brooks' voice is almost hopeful as he sings, "Healer, take the fun/I am ashamed of danger/release the bite/life is forever." It makes me think of running fast towards what I've been waiting for.